Stowaway Repatriation from Abidjan : cancellation of the 2011 repatriation ban
by L.ALLIALI-DIE - March 2014
We are pleased to report that the Abidjan Port Authority has issued a circular on 18.02.14 cancelling their December 2012 decision to prevent any stowaway disembarking and ban all stowaway repatriations from the port of Abidjan.

Shipowners and their P&I Clubs are therefore hereby advised that, as of now, they can restart considering Abidjan as one of their most viable options for repatriation of stowaways in West Africa.

For a copy of this circular click here. For our free translation click here.

Please do not hesistate to contact us for more details on stowaway disembarking in Ivory Coast.

Yours sincerely

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